Local Mascara that you can try – It seems like it’s been a long time since many local brands have issued lipsticks, blush on, eyeshadow and other makeup products. However, it seems that until a few years ago it was still quite difficult to find mascara products from local brands that could really make you fall in love.

Local Mascara that you can try

But now ladies can also be happy because there are also many well-known Indonesian brands, including indie and contemporary brands that have also launched mascara products with no kidding quality.

Want to know what brands are referred to? Come on, take a look at the articles we have quoted from the Eyelashes Manufacturer Indonesia website and this local beauty support!Rollover Reaction Batlash! Eyelash Perfector

The popular local brand Rollover Reaction has now completed its makeup line with Batlash! Eyelash Perfector. This mascara can make your lashes look longer with the fiber content in the formula.

This mascara is also made with Japanese eyelash film technology which is able to laminate every single lash in the eye to give it the perfect shape and volume.

Batlash! The Eyelash Perfector is equipped with a wand shape called the Helix brush in a curvy shape, so that it can reach and lift each lash.

This product also does not contain parabens, mineral oils, dyes and synthetic fragrances, so it is safe to use, waterproof, and easy to remove with warm water. Sold for Rp.149,000, you must try this mascara!

  1. Looke Cosmetics Holy Lash Elixir

Once viral on Tiktok, you really should try the Looke Cosmetics Holy Lash Elixir mascara, here. Because, in addition to the results that make your lashes appear volume, this mascara is also anti-blistering or fading!

Suitable for everyday use, Holy Lash Elixir mascara is able to display longer looking lashes with its Argan oil formula, and also does not make lashes look clumpy or lumpy.

Priced at around Rp. 150,000, this mascara has a deep black color and the special bristles can coat each lash easily to give the maximum effect.

  1. Mad for Makeup Growcara Fiber Serum

Always presenting unique and innovative products, the newest mascara Mad For Makeup Growcara Fiber Serum is a product you shouldn’t miss this year.

Combining the concept of fiber mascara and lash serum, this mascara makes lashes longer and tapering like the result of an extension.

This mascara serum is also formulated with biotin, peptide, panthenol, chamomile, and red clover extract which functions as an antioxidant to protect lashes, helps strengthen roots, thicken lashes and helps reduce hair loss and split ends.

For only Rp.109,000, you can get quality mascara that is waterproof, safe for sensitive skin while also being able to treat lashes well. Really perfect for natural everyday mascara!

  1. SYCA The Lash Out Love

The Syca brand is popular for its lip tint collection that reminds us of fresh, clean and cute beauty products from Japan and South Korea. Earlier this year Syca also released a new product, namely, SYCA The Lash Out Love mascara.

The Lash Out Love has two mascara variants with different finishes according to what you need. The first is the Darling variant with the claim of “Long & Curl” which is suitable for you who have short lashes, this Darling variant can make your lashes look longer and curl but still look natural.

The formula is also water-resistant with the shape of the wand in the form of hourglass which doesn’t make the mascara look lumpy when applied.

The second variant is Dazzling, this variant is suitable for you who want a waterproof and sweatproof formula with the appearance of more volume lashes. Accompanied by the shape of the wand which is slightly tapered at the end so that it is able to reach up to the root of the lashes properly.

Not only that, these two mascaras also contain vitamin E and Castor Seed Oil which can naturally strengthen, lengthen, and Trehalose which is also effective in moisturizing lashes. Well, for ladies who are interested, SYCA The Lash Out Love Dazzling and Darling sells for IDR 149,000.

Maybe that’s all we can convey to you all, hopefully the information we have conveyed above can be useful for all of you. Visit the website of Eyelashes Manufacturer to get various kinds of information about other beauty.