Identify Eyelash Glue before Using It – Have you successfully put on false lashes? It must be nice to feel different at a party or a date with curly lashes. To make the experience of wearing your fitted lashes even more comfortable, then it’s time you take it a step further by getting to know the different types of lash glues.

Identify Eyelash Glue before Using It

We got information about good eyelash glue from the Eyelashes Manufacturer Indonesia website. For those of you who want to get this information, here are the three most popular and widely used types of eyelashes:

  1. Latex eyelashes glues

This lash glue is based on latex and is the most traditional type of lash glue. Latex glue can be used to attach lashes when they are semi-dry. The use of eyelash glue is quite practical and easy to clean. However, owners of rubber sensitive skin should avoid using this type of eyelash glue.

You can use D.U.P Eyelashes Glue 501N Latex which has a brush and is water resistant. There are two color choices, namely transparent and black.

  1. Liquid eyelashes glues

This eyelash glue is made from liquid or liquid. When used, this type of eyelash glue generally lasts longer and is permanent and strong. Use an eye cleaner that contains a special formulation and can be used to clean the glue completely.

  1. Cream eyelashes glues

Comes in a cream or gel form, this eyelash glue requires more ability to apply. Because, if it is uneven the results will be ugly and your false lashes will look less natural. You can use Koji Eyelash Fix which is transparent and looks natural when used. You can apply the lashes a few seconds after applying this glue on the lash line.

Choose the one that suits you the most so that it is comfortable when using it, yes! Maybe that’s all the information we can provide you. Visit the Eyelashes Manufacturer Indonesia website to get various kinds of other information. Hopefully the information above can be useful for all of you.